Dong Yi

I'm already finished watching the 60 episodes of dong yi, but still, I am so not over it! I still watch the local channel broadcast on GMA... And the way I see it, they are yet to watch the interesting part of the story...

Dong yi looked pretty and pure... and intelligent at the same time....

What I really admire about Dong Yi's is her confidence and determination to stand for what is right.... whatever it takes, she lived according to what she believes in.... No wonder King Sukjong cherishes her so much...

My most favorite scene in the story is when Dong Yi was sent away from the palace. And the King, as a part of his punishment to Dong Yi, specifically declared that he is not going to sought for Dong yi. But one night, he found himself at Dong yi's humble abode.He's drunk and exhausted.. He really looked terrible almost at the verge of breaking down. It sadden me so much that I cried. I was touched all the more when the King told Dong yi how bad she is. Because she could have ask him to elope with him and he'll do it.

This shows how he values dong yi, more than power and and the Kingdom.

The ending is a little disappointing, but still an episode to look forward to. It left me almost choking with emotions of happiness and sadness at the same time. Woah...! I was surprised to feel that way over a drama flick!

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